Sexual Assaults In The Workplace, What Is Leadership Missing?

For several years, America’s approaches to preventing and/or addressing sexual assaults in the workplace continue to fall short.  There are lots of sexual assault prevention techniques online, but a key approach is missing in preventing and/or addressing this crisis in the workplace.  The missing link is that organizations should use a “stovepipe” expert external security entity in implementing and executing their sexual assault prevention and response program.  It is time for us to examine this “out-of-the-box” approach as a means to an end.
Having an external security entity tackle this crisis allows an unbiased and unhampered approach to preventing and/or addressing sexual assaults in the workplace.  The external security entity would operate independently throughout the organization.  Only the organization’s executive leadership would be briefed on all ongoing activities and provided with thorough and complete reports of findings along with recommended courses of action.
We continue to hear problems of organizations lack of prevention and/or handling of sexual assault incidents.  This approach should eliminate any employee and/or public perception of mishandling, alleged cover-up, inaction, insufficient or inappropriate punishment to name a few.
BAF Security Solutions uses the Assess, Implement, Investigate, and Re-Assess four-step process to prevent and/or address sexual assaults in the workplace.
Step 1:  Assess
An immediate assessment of the organization’s culture will be conducted using organizational documentation, employee interviews and on-site observations.
Step 2:  Implement
Specific sexual assault prevention training, techniques, measures, and devices will be implemented based on the assessment.
Step 3: Investigate
All alleged sexual assault incidents will be immediately investigated in coordination with law enforcement officials and an attacker will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Step 4:  Re-Assess
Continuous proactive re-assessments will be done to re-validate an organization’s sexual assault prevention and response program.  This four-step process sends the right proactive and consequence message to any potential attacker.  It also shows employees and the public that transparency and openness exist within the organization, and that the organization is truly trying to get out in front of this crisis.
This external approach to sexual assaults in the workplace is very appropriate, effective, and needed.  By now, we should have seen a downward decline in sexual assault incidents in the workplace, but trends indicate an upward climb.  What is troublesome is the fact that more than 50% of sexual assaults go unreported.  Further, the public cry or outrage over some organizations inept responses to this crisis continues to grow as well.  By taking this different approach, organizations can move away from “we have always done it like this” to really addressing this very complex crisis.
I served as an Inspector General for the US Army for over three years.  During this assignment, I provided oversight for numerous sexual assault and/or harassment complaints and took appropriate action to correct injustices affecting soldiers, family members, retirees, civilians and others to eliminate conditions detrimental to the efficiency and reputation of the Army.  To begin the four-step process to prevent and/or address sexual assaults in your workplace, email