Colorado Region Testimonials: 21st Century Community Policing and Cultural Competency Training Program

On May 6, we completed another 2-day 21st Century Community Policing and Cultural Competency Training and Education session for the Colorado Region.  Some testimonials:

“Colonels (Ret) Freeman and Boggs are leaders of exemplary Character, Compassion and Integrity.  Their combined 70+ years of leadership, management and community based policing strategies conducted throughout the world and in complex environments were invaluable in helping my organization grow into the professional police officers we need in today’s complex social and economic environments.  I personally want to thank them for helping my police officers and leaders embrace the elements found in the President’s Report on 21st Century Policing that should guide all law enforcement executives throughout our country to better understand our communities, build strong partnerships and ultimately build long lasting trust between our citizens and our police forces.”  Chris Heberer, Chief of Police / Public Safety Director, City of Fountain, Colorado

“Very good information…enjoyed the presentations, but could easily be a 40-hr class.”  Corporal Ken O.

“Curricula is solid; instructors engaging and inspirational.  Very beneficial.”  Deputy Mitch M.

“Good course to help open officers thinking with changes in communities.  Some police mindsets need to change but so do community members or else we will continue to not have harmony amongst us.”  Sergeant Tara M.

“Excellent course. Instructors kept class very entertained.  Great exercises to bring class members together.  Instructors bring a lot of knowledge to the table.   Recommend for all current law enforcement officers.”  Officer Cecil W.

“Excellent and engaging instruction, very thought-provoking.  Great discussions.  Knowledgeable and experienced instructors.”  Sergeant Stephen S.

“Very interesting information.  Good exercises and tools to take back to job and community.  Very good discussions.” Officer Matt S.

“Great exercises to get groups / everyone involved.  Discussions were challenging / thought-provoking.  Very good content, changes your way of thinking.”  Investigator Meghan N.

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