ANNOUNCEMENT: Active Shooter Training for Companies

In an effort to help prevent an active shooter incident in the workplace, we developed a practical and affordable 8-hour course for company employees at a cost of $179 per person.  The value and key takeaways of this course are trained and confident employees who can perform the following:

  1. Know how to prepare, prevent and/or mitigate an active shooter situation.
  2. Identify potential violence indicators and security vulnerabilities.
  3. Mitigate panic for potential violence and vulnerabilities.
  4. Take appropriate actions when confronted with an active shooter situation.
  5. Understand the consequence management of an active shooter incident.
  6. Help provide a safe and secure workplace environment.

We will provide certified subject matter experts who have a wealth of active shooter knowledge and experience.   The training will consist of, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Introduction to Active Shooter and their Mindset.
  2. Identify Pre-Attack Indicators.
  3. Mitigate Panic for Potential Violence and Vulnerabilities.
  4. Personal Protection Measures and Authority Identification.
  5. People Screening Techniques.
  6. Respond to an Active Shooter Incident.
  7. Consequence Management.
  8. Active Shooter Capstone Exercise.

Active shooter situations are increasing rapidly.  They happen quickly and normally before the police arrive.  All companies should have trained and confident employees who can prepare, prevent and/or help mitigate an active shooter situation.  This essential and “need to have” training will save lives.  For more information, please contact